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What to do when the door of opportunity doesn’t open?

By October 19, 2016 No Comments

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“Every day in every way, miraculous solutions appear” ….

Well, it doesn’t seem like it, especially when you’ve been hoping or waiting for a certain opportunity to open, begin, arrive or start and nothing happens, or you get told ‘sorry, you weren’t selected’.

Hmm, that’s not what I wanted to hear!

Have you ever been over-looked, passed up or simply ignored and thought to yourself, ‘what the?’…

Well, it happened to me today.  An opportunity I had pitched for, given my all in a phone screening process, then given 150% in a one-on-one meeting to pitch myself to the organisation, that then kept me waiting longer than advised…to be told today ‘Sorry but unfortunately you weren’t successful’.

What?  Hang on a second here Universe, you said all I had to was ASK and you’d Supply?

As I sat in my office chair feeling quite disappointed and wondering for a moment why I wasn’t good enough….

Then that quiet calm inner voice of my intuition says very clearly, ‘you asked for it and that it be a match to your desired dream and so it didn’t match up to the end result you want therefore the path wasn’t open for you. The right path will become open at the right time and you know you want only the best, so the best is yet to come’.

Simple. Straight forward and to the point, and exactly what I didn’t want to hear moments before the ‘sorry’ phone call came through, but exactly what I needed to hear and know as the reason to why that opportunity didn’t open up for me.

It simply wasn’t right for me.

How many times have you ever asked yourself why an opportunity, circumstance, chance, wish, desire or dream hasn’t arrived?

Have you ever stopped and simply breathed your way into that calm confident intuition inside and received the real reason, the right answer to why it never happened or came for you?

I bet if you do, just like I did today, and just the way Spirit has taught me, you’ll discover a truth that confirms what you already know. It wasn’t really the right opportunity, or the right event, or the right person, or the right job or the right whatever it was you thought you wanted.

Take a moment, feel your inner calm. It’s deep down inside, and very reachable if you give yourself a chance.

Connect, feel peaceful and check in with your intuition. It’s still coming, that thing you want, that opportunity you desire, it’s still in it’s way. Expect it. Any day soon, and know like me, you can’t control the right match, the right path or event the right people entering your life.

How cool is that?  It brought me great relief today, knowing I was looked after and had forgotten just how much. You are looked after too.

I can’t wait for the right path to open up more for me, it’s exciting and I hope you’re feeling excited for your path too.

Light and Love, Margit x


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