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Food for thought

Patient Spirit Guides…

By February 26, 2017 One Comment

Have you ever woken up and felt the day ahead as if you’ve put a weight on your shoulders? Have you ever thought “there has to be a better way?”

I have, and it was this morning.

My head was full of what I needed to do, and like pieces of the jigsaw puzzle they all came together to produce a big picture, but this morning my mind couldn’t locate the main picture. You know, the picture I follow when working on the pieces.

I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost.

The main picture is my ideal business as a working, thriving, producing, operating, expanding and abundant business. When it’s in my minds eye, you won’t find a happier woman in the world than me, in those moments during the day.

Maybe your main picture is your fit healthy body, or your ideal soul mate relationship, or a new job, or even a holiday you have always wanted?

There is a fool proof way, and I mean fool proof as in me, the mere foolish mortal, of finding the main picture which really represents the goal, the end desire, result, ideal outcome and big dream.

I have to get out of my own way and let Spirit in and guide me.  Easy right?

How many times have you tried and tried and still can’t find a solution or answer, only to find when you walked away and gave it a rest, an idea or bright spark popped into mind and you could finally move forward again?

It happens to me a lot. The human part of me, of course it’s the ego and lower self, takes over and wants to direct, control, make sure, push and make things happen.  But of course that changes and alters the whole experience by making it challenging, difficult and even off course.

This morning, like other times when I’ve realised I’m getting in my own way, I stopped my random thoughts, dropped my breath into the centre of my own being and thought “I will be guided in this and I will trust and follow” and I felt a gratefulness sensation in my body after I’ve finished this surrendering.

A few hours later, sure enough, my Spirit Guide “Marcus” guides me to find my ‘Favourites’ on my YouTube Channel.

As I scroll and scroll until I sense I’ve found the right video to watch, I’ve done this thousands of times before, so I know what it feels like when I’ve hit the right chord in my sensing, I find the right video. It’s like a ‘knowing’.

I find a move that’s an ‘oldie but a goodie’ as a audio recording of Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational speaker and trainer and his ‘Goals’ lesson. If you can find it I highly recommend the audio as his voice is unique and embeds in your brain as you listen. There was some magic in that man for sure.

As I drive to my client appointment I listen and the Aha’s are going off in my head and my heart.  I listened, learned and ‘saw the light’ and knew what I had to do.  Spirit always delivers, I know that.  You should know that too.

When I got home later today I opened my diary and blocked out time sections for certain tasks, put little alarms to them so I’ll be reminded and I mentally felt accomplished.  I actually felt on top of my game and felt good again.

It’s a great feeling….feeling on top of the world.  Don’t you agree?

If you’ve reading this and learning anything from my story, I hope it’s knowing that your Spirit Guides want to guide you. And like me, you have to get out of your own way.  Let it happen.

Surrender, allow, let them in and you’ll never be disappointed. I know, I’ve been practising this process for decades and it works.

Have a magnificent week.

Light & love, Margit x


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