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Knowing Has No Resistance (Aligning to Your Abundance)

By February 14, 2017 No Comments

Students ask me “How do I become a vibrational match to what I desire?”

My reply is ‘you are seeking to find relief’.

Negative emotions feel lousy, they rise up inside like feelings of dread, powerlessness and anxiety. The immediate remedy is to Self-Coach yourself gently back to a feeling of relief, lightening your breath and feeling calmer inside.

Sure, it’s not easy, but it can be done.  Practice makes perfect, I know because I practice this technique every time the human ego rises to bring worry or concern and it doesn’t ‘feel’ good inside.

What thoughts do you need to think of to get in alignment?  Here are a few listed below that I offer that can help you along.

Repeat these to yourself for as long as it takes to restore calm, peace and feel relief again.

  • I don’t have to have it all figured out
  • I trust in Spirit and the Universe is on my side guiding me every day
  • When I’m calm I can pay attention to my intuition a lot easier
  • Things generally work out for me when I get out my own way
  • The journey to increase my financial independence has already begun
  • There’s a vibrational version of this that I’m aligning to now
  • I can sift, sort and decide on so many things
  • Source & the Universe is tending to all my needs
  • I know I’ve got to be in the receptive mode
  • I know that being impatient takes me out of the receptive mode
  • I need to feel as happy on my way as I will be when I get there
  • Knowing has no resistance, I can find peace in that
  • What is the mood of having the thing that I need?
  • I can set the tone and get myself into that mood every day

The more you repeat to yourself each moment of anxiousness will subside and fall away.

A download of this version and other versions of ‘Aligning to Your Abundance’ is available on my website.

Make it a brilliant week!

Light & Love, Margit x




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