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Feel as Happy on your way, as you will be when You get there!

By February 25, 2017 No Comments

Unconditional success; the success of what you want already exists in a vibrational form.

If you could tap into that vibrational form of success (instead of saying it’s coming but far away from you) and instead say

‘I experience success now’, then the next step is you’ll be filled with intuitive ideas along the way.

You’re getting your mind into the mindset that what you want has vibrations and you can tune into those vibrations whenever you want.  And not can you tune in you can experience them.

Say, you want a new job for example; that pays more money, allows you to experience new friendships, become part of a innovative team, gives you freedom to take time off in lieu of extra hours given, and allows you the experience of authentic creativity. Imagine what that type of job would feel like living?

Well, you can experience all that now!

Even your job now, the one you want to move from, or the unemployment you want to leave behind; isn’t permanent. You can close your eyes for a moment and conjure up visions and imagine what it would be like and ‘feel’ like to already be working in that new job in your ideal way.

That’s how quickly and easy it is to get into alignment to what you desire.

And every time you practice alignment, you’ll get better and better at it. Your mood will feel better and life will become easier because the Universe matches you up with the people, places, events, circumstances, situations and time lines that you want, when you are in direct vibrational alignment with your ideal life.

Keep practising, keep trying and keep putting time aside each day for this powerful important ritual.

You have asked, you’ve given thanks to the Universe in gratitude and now, it is time you lined up to the delivery of your desires.

Light & Love, Margit x


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