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Margit has over 25 years’ experience as a gifted Clairvoyant and Spiritual Teacher of the intricacies of spiritual development.  Margit enjoys sharing her gift with others to achieve clarity for their mind, body and spirit to provide inspirational addresses on finding the spirit within for positive life outcomes.

Operating under the business name www.margitborbas.com and Light, Love, Laughter and Learning, Margit is quickly becoming a sought after speaker delivering thought-provoking and enlightening presentations.

Since 2003, Margit has organised and facilitated a number of events in Western Australia, from Kalgoorlie to Margaret River and throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Having previously owned and operated a spiritual practice for the Peel community offering practitioner space to other professionals in the field, Margit now compliments her work as a captivating speaker and with a host of spiritual development workshops and dynamic life coaching services.

As a professional with an innate knowledge of spiritual development, Margit can provide audiences with insight on how caring for one’s inner spirit is of great importance to achieve their full life potential.  Margit’s commitment to empowering others led to the release in 2007 of a guided meditation CD with her calm voice guiding the listener to ultimate relaxation.

Previous speaking engagements have included guest appearances at the PDA, Psychic Development Association in Perth, the “Million Dollar Diva” Perth Seminar in 2008, guest teacher and co-Author of “Law of Attraction in Action – Part 1” e-book for Wonderful Web Women, and at various spiritual churches and seminars during WA Women’s Week.

Margit has also presented at a private fundraising event to raise money for Breast Cancer and is teaches at ‘Life without Worry’ seminars.

Margit is a published author, has featured as the Expert Author for a fortnightly column called ‘Sound Spirit with Margit’ in the Sound Telegraph Newspaper covering the Peel district of Perth, Western Australia.

Margit is available as an inspirational speaker for conferences and seminars to enliven the spirit within audiences.  Her mentoring skills are offered to all who seek to stay focused and balanced in life through her simple to learn techniques.

“When the student is ready, the Teacher will Appear” and Margit offers this guiding light to all to Live A Life of Bliss..


Everyone is unique and special and every life is meaningful. You are here to learn that your dreams can come true. If you believe that “thoughts become things,” and that manifesting is your right to life and can bring love, health, abundance, and happiness into your life, then JOIN and DISCOVER, How to Life a Life of Bliss!

What We Do

Through products and events you and others are reminded, of life’s fundamental truths: that life is magical, that we are all adored and powerful, and that dreams really do come true.  In addition to teaching classes or giving readings and mentoring from stage, Margit , founder and author teaches the law of attraction in easy to learn, step by step principles, plus creative visualization, the power of thought, and how to create major life changes by leveraging the Universe.

This website offers you online services and products and an ever growing list of free resources.

What We Offer

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