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Insight to Life

A New Life

By February 6, 2017 6 Comments

Ain’t life grand when miracles happen?

The birth of my new grandson, Cooper Ryan Edwards yesterday morning, filled my heart to overflowing that tears of joy welled up.

This small tiny bundle of joy makes it’s way into our big wide world and takes the first breath to begin the journey called life on earth.

I’m always amazed at what might lie in store for such a wee babe, as I look back on my fifty odd years that has brought me much wisdom.

Life is filled with magic if we look for it.  The wink of a smile, the touch of a hand, the longer gaze of eyes…there really is so much that whizzes past every day, missed and not seen because life has become ‘so busy’.

Moment by moment life can fill and empty, ebb and flow from high to low, and the human ego becomes fueled with such strong emotions that you might not realise whether your dominant core belief has become negative or positive?

I too have found myself listening to a negative thought only to question myself on why I am giving it heed?

Bad habits of allowing the mind to lead and not putting in place rituals like a walk in the park or simply closing your eyes and breathing deep, to regain balance and peace again.

I’ve created daily rituals that keep me in check. I didn’t necessarily know the power or purpose at first but now, after 25 years of following them, I can see where these rituals have saved me.

If you’ve been flooded with feelings that you want to change, from bad to good, from sad to happy then understand catching yourself out thinking negatively is great but you also need to pivot your thoughts to feel good throughout the day.

My brand new Grandson, cries when he’s unsettled and I loved watching him last night as he expressed himself with no disdain. His little soul called ‘come to me and assist’ and I did so ever willingly.

Your soul often wants you to come into yourself and assist equilibrium, and your daily rituals such as a long warm bath, reading a book, laughing and loving will bring you back to your true centre again.

Enjoy the week ahead.  Restore, rest, renew and reward yourself with your daily rituals of self-love and care.

Light & Love, Margit x



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